Volkswagen Group released its annual report for 2015 last week, and aside from the usual numbers expected of such a document there was also an intimation of what to expect from the group’s brands this year.

Fifty products are on the cards for 2015, and a passing mention of a new Porsche Boxster Spyder confirms the arrival of the 981-based version sometime later this year. The Boxster mid-life facelift, spied testing for a while now ((the photos seen here are from early sessions, back in July last year), is close at hand, and so the Spyder could be part of the range update.

Speculation has it that the new Spyder will continue to run with a flat-six 3.4 mill, though output will be bumped up from that seen on the Boxster GTS, and that the car is set to be a manual-transmission-only offering like the Cayman GT4.

The second-gen 987 Boxster Spyder premiered in 2009, wearing the same engine as found on the then Boxster S, the 3.4 litre unit having 320 hp (10 more than the regular S) and 370 Nm. At 1,275 kg, it was also the automaker’s lightest offering in the lineup then. What novelty will the new one bring with it when it arrives?

Porsche Boxster facelift spyshots