A teaser sketch of the next-gen Volkswagen Transporter T6 has been let loose ahead of the van’s scheduled debut on April 15. The Transporter can of course trace its lineage all the way back to the 1950s Type 2/Bus/Kombi, which only truly went out of production in 2013!

Granted, it doesn’t look worlds apart from the current T5, but then again, neither is the new Caddy from the one before it. Those tail lamps boast a cool-looking LED signature, but otherwise, it’s a case of if-it-ain’t-broke, it seems.

With reference to the new Caddy and the Tristar pick-up concept, the Transporter T6 is expected to get a revised interior that could include more comfort and convenience kit. Anyhow, we’ll know for sure closer to April 15.

2014 Volkswagen Tristar concept