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As far as outrageous cars are concerned, this Peugeot 308 R HYbrid is definitely right up there. Making its world premiere at Auto Shanghai 2015 today, this conceptual Gallic hot hatch rocked the world last week when it was revealed to be packing an incredible 500 hp and 730 Nm under its compact body.

Part of that power comes from a 1.6 litre THP mill that in itself produces 270 hp. It’s mated through a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox to a 115 hp front electric motor; there’s another motor at the rear, effectively providing four-wheel drive. As such, the HYbrid rockets to 100 km/h in four seconds flat before a limiter calls time at 250 km/h, despite being capable of producing CO2 emissions of just 70 grams per kilometre.

To keep the performance in check on the road, both front and rear track have been widened by 80 mm, while the 19-inch wheels are shod with 235/35 tyres. Brakes are 380 mm ventilated discs (with four-piston callipers) in front and 290 mm discs at the rear.

However, the car can use regenerative braking throughout the whole speed range, which, in addition to conserving the life of the pads and discs, can also charge the 3 kWh lithium-ion battery. The pack can also be recharged either by using the front electric motor (driven by the engine) as a generator or by plugging the car up to a rapid charging terminal, the latter filling the battery up in just 45 minutes.

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To match the level of performance on offer, this 308 – cloaked in bright gloss blue (as opposed to red on the previous 308 R concept) and matte black – has been significantly muscled up. There are massive angular air intakes on either side of the front bumper incorporating sequential LED indicators, flanking a smaller central inlet; the grille also gains a chequered chrome motif as seen on the 208 GTi.

There are also louvres in the bonnet, deeper side sills, the same large rear spoiler as on the previous concept and large rear vents to cool the battery pack. Inside, there are four individual sports seats upholstered in “fawn” patinated leather, red accents on the instrument cluster dials, steering wheel marker and centre console, digitally-woven fabric covering the dashboard, as well as “308 R HYbrid” badging.

While Peugeot doesn’t have any plans to produce the 308 R HYbrid, a (much) less potent variant is available over here – the Peugeot 308 THP 150 is now on sale in Malaysia at RM132,888.