ford fiesta mc 10

Late last week, Ford announced it was issuing a safety recall in North America for nearly 390,000 vehicles over a faulty door latch. Vehicle models involved in the recall are the 2013-2014 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ as well as the 2012-2014 Ford Fiesta sold in the US, Canada and Mexico.

A check with Ford’s ASEAN office has revealed that the recall concerns only North American models – ASEAN production Fiestas are not affected by the faulty part and are not involved in the recall exercise.

Ford Fusion_2

The affected 2012-2014 Ford Fiesta vehicles were built at the Cuautitlán Assembly Plant in Mexico, and the 2013-2014 Ford Fusion (known elsewhere as the Mondeo) and Lincoln MKZ vehicles at the Hermosillo Assembly Plant, also in Mexico, all built in 2012 to 2013.

The issue concerns the door latch in these vehicles that may experience a broken pawl spring tab, whereby a condition may arise where the door will not latch. The automaker says that if a customer is then able to latch the door, there could be a possibility that the affected door may unlatch while driving, increasing the risk of injury. All four door latches on the affected cars will be replaced at no cost to the customer.