Peugeot has teased its mystery upcoming concept car again, this time with a series of photos and sketches depicting what appears to be a rather low-slung supercar.

From the small glimpses of the car’s exterior, we can see the brand’s signature claw-shaped headlights, large, intricately designed five-spoke wheels, broad haunches, triple-claw tail lights, a retractable rear spoiler and plenty of red detailing throughout. The more complete sketches show clear influences from the 2012 Onyx concept, albeit with a racier slant to it.

As before, there’s no indication as to where and when the unknown supercar will surface – only that it is “coming soon” – but the fact that there are no major motor shows in the near future, coupled to the possible clues scattered throughout the previously-released video below (“codes of GT,” anyone?) hint that it could actually be Peugeot’s Vision Gran Turismo concept for the Gran Turismo 6 video game.