Perodua Axia exports set to begin 2nd half this year

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Exports of the Perodua Axia are set to begin from the second half of this year. Perodua made the announcement at the ongoing Myvi 10th Anniversary presentation to the media, but did not state which countries the A-segment offering will be exported to.

Currently, Perodua exports its products to six markets – Indonesia, Singapore, Fiji, Nepal, Mauritius and Sri Lanka, so it should be expected that the car will be heading to most of these, barring Indonesia, which would not make commercial sense – the five-door hatchback is based on the Daihatsu Ayla sold in Indonesia, so a move to bring it there, even under a rebadge job (like in the case of the Sirion, which is the Myvi rebadged) and is very unlikely.

Having been developed and manufactured with global standards, Perodua says that it has managed to meet most of, if not all, of the KPIs for the car quality-wise, setting it up to be exported. The Axia is built at the new Perodua Global Manufacturing plant, which mirrors the Daihatsu Kyushu plant’s best practices, tech and low defect rate.

On the same subject, the automaker added that it will be more aggressive with exports from 2017 onwards, and is currently consolidating and putting things in place things to make that happen.

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  • good play by perodua.

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  • good play by perodua

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  • Why would they export it to Indonesia, Daihatsu Ayla is basically the same machine.

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  • Aero (Member) on May 21, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    My suggestions to Perodua;

    Don’t waste time and money trying to export the Axia to developed countries in Western Europe, Australia or even the U.S.. Perodua is simply not on that level yet. You guys can’t even get a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating, do you really expect to pass the many times stricter ANCAP, EuroNCAP and IIHS crash tests ? The governments of most developed countries today won’t allow Perodua to sell their cars in their country because of how unsafe Perodua cars are. And even if they do, the people themselves will avoid Perodua cars because of the poor safety. The cost of re-engineering the Axia to include Electronic Stability Control, dual front, dual side and full-length curtain airbags will not be a worthwhile investment in the short-term because sales in the export markets will be slow initially. However, in time, building safer cars will certainly lift Perodua’s brand image to new heights.

    So we know Perodua ‘takkan jadi’ in developed countries, the only way forward is developing countries, and rightfully so. It goes without saying that both China and India are a must for every car company, no matter if you are a budget brand like Perodua or luxurious Rolls-Royce or even futuristic Tesla Motors, it’s hard to go wrong in India and especially China. Perodua should consider setting up a plant in both countries, preferably India first as they have a bigger market for A-segment cars like the Axia.

    Other than that, Perodua can consider exporting to ASEAN members which do not yet have the Daihatsu / Toyota version of the Axia, namely Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. There’s no point trying to sell the Axia in Indonesia and the Philippines. Perodua can also consider South America, especially Chile and Brazil. South America has been very receptive to the new wave of Chinese cars, and Perodua will fit in nicely.

    There’s also the Middle East, where Perodua has set foot before, specifically Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and a few more countries. Of the lot, Perodua should generally avoid the rich GCC States first (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain etc.) and focus on the poorer Middle Eastern countries, especially Egypt. Perodua had success in Egypt with the Kancil and Kelisa, so there’s no doubt they can do it again. If Perodua can penetrate the highly-protected Iranian market, then they’re in for big money because Iran’s market is truly massive and yet mostly untapped. Apart from South Africa, the rest of Africa’s markets are too small (for new cars) to justify a business case, but if Perodua wants to try, then go ahead.

    That’s about it from me, the sooner Perodua can export the Axia, the better. It’s a very competitive package, and it will find its niche in many other markets too. Don’t just rely on Malaysians for your livelihood Perodua, globalisation is the way to go. If you guys think that the Malaysian market is big enough, just look at what happened to Holden and Ford Australia.

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  • Asalkan Bukan Pro-blem on May 22, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Proton Bangladesh also give 7 years warranty or not?

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