MyTeksi has launched its Elite Drivers Programme – said scheme aims to recognise and reward deserving taxi drivers with up to RM10,000 in benefits every month till the end of December 2015. Benefits include insurance coverage, financial incentives, MyTeksi collaterals and many more.

Aside from the benefits listed, a fund worth RM4.5 million will also be established to help improve the welfare of drivers. The programme, as a whole, draws on investments that the firm has received over a period of a year and a half, totalling US$340 million (RM1.26 billion).

“We are committed to improving the welfare of our taxi drivers, and at the same time, we are using this opportunity to recognise exemplary performance among drivers and reward them for doing a great job – and also redeeming the reputation of taxi drivers,” said MyTeksi general manager, Jaygan Fu.

At the launch, Jaygan stated that 200 drivers based in the Klang Valley have already been shortlisted as the first batch of drivers to qualify for the programme. “The elite drivers are selected based on targets achieved as well as consistently good customer service. We will be organising further rounds of selection and announcing new waves across the country over the next half year until December,” he added.

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