Need to book a taxi? There’s an app for that! Good news for frequent users of taxi cabs in Malaysia – you can now book taxis on the go using MyTeksi, a platform that allows taxi bookings on the go via an iPhone app, an Android app, or plain and simple SMS for those without a supported smartphone OS. The MyTeksi app can be downloaded for free from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

MyTeksi currently has over 250 active drivers in their fleet of taxis, and they’re working to grow this amount constantly. Ideally, one day all taxis in Malaysia will be signed up to be on the service.

For users of the app, it’s easy to get started. After downloading the app, all you have to do is sign up with a few simple fields – a name, password, email and mobile phone number.

The app will need to retrieve your location information so ensure you enable Location Services or the GPS function on your smart phone or tablet device.

Alternatively, you can drag the map and position the blue pin on your exact pick-up location. You can also manually type in the address in the Address bar at the bottom.

Repeat the procedure for your desired destination. You can drag the map and position the green pin on your drop-off point, or search for your destination by tapping on the Address bar.

You can also search for your desired drop-off location by tapping on the address bar at the bottom and manually looking for your desired destination address.

Key in any remarks/requests/tips and tap “Book Now”. The tip function is there to let the taxi driver know that you’re willing to tip him additional money above the meter rate if you’re currently in a location that’s not particularly desirable for taxi drivers to come pick you up, or if you simply feel generous.

After confirming your booking, the MyTeksi system will look for a taxi driver for you. The process is automated, and the nearest taxi drivers to you will be bidding for the job.

Once a taxi driver has accepted the job, you’ll receive confirmation details on your booking. The app also estimates how much your fare will be based on your starting and destination points. You’ll also have to pay a RM2 surcharge which is the standard phone taxi booking rate. You’ll need to pay this to the taxi driver, MyTeksi doesn’t charge you anything directly.

If you don’t have a supported platform, you can just send an SMS to 36881 with the following information and you will receive an SMS confirmation or a call within 3 minutes.

TEKSI Pick-up Address #Drop-off Address #Remarks

Here’s an example:

Teksi Jaya One PJ #Mid Valley #Waiting at lobby

Get MyTeksi from the Apple App Store or Google Play.