Cop shop

Since the launch of Ops Warta on May 19, a total of 3,453 traffic offenders with unsettled warrants have been arrested, theSun understands. Federal traffic police chief, SAC Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff, told the English-language daily that the culprits were arrested at their workplace and at roadblocks.

Additionally, Fuad has commented that a total of 17,940 individuals with arrest warrants have voluntarily turned themselves in to the police since the beginning of said operation. Of the 3,543 aforementioned arrests made, the state of Selangor recorded the highest figure with 854 individuals nabbed.

Fuad also disclosed that 2,906 offenders are due to be charged soon while the remaining have since posted bail. The operation is slated to continue during the fasting month. “This is to remind motorists that they cannot escape from the police though they can hide from us,” concluded Fuad.