Prior to the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans (which it ended up winning), Porsche posted three photos on its Facebook page showing the three distinctly coloured Porsche 919 Hybrids that were entered into the world-famous endurance race, as well as the meaning behind those colours.

The red #17 racer was pictured next to an equally scarlet 917LH that scored Porsche’s first overall win at Le Mans in 1970; the hue was used to commemorate the 45th anniversary of that win, as well as representing Stuttgart’s long and impressive racing history. Meanwhile, the black #18, symbolising the achievements of the present, sits beside a 918 Spyder.

But it’s the winning white #19 that piques our interest – it stands next to a mysterious car that is under wraps, with the words “Mission: Future Sportscar” scribed across the white tarp. Of course, it could just be a red herring, created merely as an image of Porsche’s future as a whole; but there could also be something else behind it.

Many have speculated that Porsche is in the midst of developing a mid-engined supercar to slot between the 911 and the 918, powered by a 600 hp twin-turbo V8 – the 918-esque wide rear haunches and longer rear deck of the covered car certainly would point towards that direction. Latest reports have suggested that the project was put on ice; however, this image indicates that the opposite could be true…