Tesla Model X.

While the world continues to hang on for the unveiling of the Tesla Model X crossover, the marque’s other stillborn model, the Tesla Model 3, is expected to be offered as both a sedan and a crossover, The Wall Street Journal reports. Tesla’s chief technical officer, JB Straubel, revealed that such a move will most likely help the brand become more accessible – smart, considering how everyone wants a crossover now.

Unfortunately, details surrounding the Model 3 remain scarce. For now, reports only indicate that the crossover and sedan will debut in 2017. Prices are expected to kick off at US$35,000 (RM131,523). When it does hit the market, the Model 3 range is expected to augment Tesla’s aim of assembling over 500,000 cars annually. Additionally, Tesla is targeting to have a million of its vehicles on public roads by 2020.


Tesla Model S 70D.

At the end of 2014, Tesla Motors sold a total of 56,000 units of its Model S and several thousand more of the Tesla Roadster. If the brand is to achieve its aforementioned goals, it better get to work on unveiling the Model X and 3 range as soon as possible.

On the local front, the Tesla brand is expected to debut in Malaysia at the end of this year – models such as the S 70D and S 85 are expected to lead the way. However, they won’t be available for purchase by the public just yet as the cars will only be made available to government-linked companies via a leasing scheme.