Tesla Model S-18

Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, is reportedly considering partnering up with franchised dealers to further augment the firm’s network of dealerships in the United States. The Palo Alto-based automaker is known for operating only manufacturer-owned outlets – a move which has drawn heat in some states, where manufacturer-owned dealerships are not permitted.

With the firm aiming to sell 500,000 units worldwide by 2020, it leaves Tesla almost no choice but to veer from its belief in operating in-house dealers to franchising the brand out to other companies. However, the firm will only consider working with dealers who can guarantee customers a “really good experience.”

With that said, dealers who have openly lobbied for the restriction of manufacturer-owned outlets can scratch off any hopes of a potential collaboration with the automaker. “If you’re a jerk to us, we’re not going to turn around and try to do a partnership later,” added Musk.


There are several routes in which Musk can take to implement said move. The most logical would be to streamline its distribution of Tesla cars via a central dealer network. Naturally, said dealer will have to adhere to the company’s aforementioned requirements as well as possess a solid track record.

Currently, Tesla assembles a total of 35,000 units annually. Until the maximum capacity is breached, Musk stated that its ‘Tesla stores’ “are sufficient.” So is this how Malaysians will finally be able to get the Tesla Model S in the future? Which conglomerate would be the ideal candidate to hold the Tesla name? Let us know in the comments below.