You know the scenario by now, we’re sure. You find yourself on a narrow, two-lane stretch of tarmac with a truck in front of you. As you edge out to overtake, an oncoming vehicle approaches and you’re forced to fall back in line. The process gets repeated over and over until a sizeable (and safe) gap finally presents itself.

Unfortunately, there are times when a driver misjudges an overtaking opportunity – the end results being quite catastrophic usually. As a result, Korean tech giant Samsung has launched its initiative to help minimise the frequency of such an accident, particularly in Argentina, where the country is supposedly littered with two-lane roads. According to statistics, one road fatality is recorded every hour in the country.

So, how exactly does Samsung plan to alleviate the issue? With the introduction of the Samsung Safety Truck. Utilising a wireless camera embedded into the front of a truck, a live feed is channelled to the rear of said truck and projected onto a large screen, comprised of four individual monitors.

With the system installed, motorists trailing behind the Safety Truck will be granted a clear view of the road. Naturally, this would greatly improve the safety of drivers as they attempt to pass the truck in front. The cameras are even equipped with ‘night-vision’ capabilities to further aid motorists in the dark.

The firm claims that the system is fully operational with several prototypes said to have been put on the roads of Argentina. “So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people,” the firm said in a statement. Currently, Samsung is working with the local government in hopes to receive the final word of approval to deploy the trucks on public roads.