Lotus EMC 04

Frankly speaking, we’re not sure how to begin this article. Data management company, EMC – partner of the Lotus F1 Team – has collaborated with its motorsport associate to set a new world record for a truck jump with a sinister twist. The result? Get this. Stuntman Mike Ryan jumped the 18-wheeler over a distance of 83 feet and seven inches.

The event itself took place on November 6 at Suffolk, United Kingdom, with Martin Ivanov – himself a notable stuntman and stand-in for actor Matt Damon – piloting the aforementioned twist, a Lotus F1 car. In concept, it sounds simple enough with the truck going airborne after driving over a ramp at high speed.

Lotus EMC 02

At that very same moment, the F1 car alongside veers to the other side of the truck as it gains just mere moments of airtime before crashing down onto the track again. Easy, peasy. The entire stunt was conducted as a form of promotional exercise between the two companies.

If all this truck-related chaos seems familiar, perhaps it’s because just earlier this month, a Koenigsegg One:1 was pitched against an eight-tonne Volvo FH truck in a race around the Knutstorp circuit in Sweden.