Renault Talisman teaser 02

Renault Talisman. That’s the name the French brand has chosen for its next D-segment sedan, which will replace both the existing Laguna and Latitude models.

Renault says its model names “symbolise their style and personality.” This one in particular, which is apparently an easy word to pronounce and is understood the world over, has been chosen as it “conjures up notions of both protection and power.”

It isn’t exactly a new name, as the same moniker has been used to market the outgoing Latitude sedan in China as recently as 2012. Going further back, a forward-thinking concept of the same name was unveiled way back in 2001.

The upcoming model, to be unveiled in full on July 6, is promised to deliver “intense driving enjoyment founded on a genuinely sensorial experience.” Right. Let’s all wait and see if it can really walk the talk.