The controversy over the PATRIOT registration plate series continues. According to news reports, DAP recently lodging a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission against JPJ and the Transport Ministry over the matter, contending that there were issues in the approval of the plate series in the absence of an open tender process.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai has however denied that there was abuse of power in him awarding Yayasan Patriot Negara (YPN) the exclusive rights to sell the PATRIOT plate series. The foundation says that the activity is part of its fund-raising drive to promote moderation.

The foundation had bought the rights to it for RM1 million, and is currently in the midst of auctioning off the plate series, which numbers 1 to 9999. It was reported that YPN’s deputy chairman Nadzim Johan had said earlier this week that the foundation could make RM10 million by auctioning off the numbers.

patriot plate july 10

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) had granted the foundation permission to auction the numbers in the series, and Liow said that approval was given after all the necessary procedures set by JPJ was announced.

“I approved the sale of the numbers. The approval was carried out according to the necessary procedure. JPJ has made it clear, and the procedure was announced as well, so I don’t see any wrongdoing in the matter,” he told reporters. “If there is any wrong doing, we welcome an investigation,” he added.

When asked by reporters if anyone can apply for the rights to sell registration number plates, Liow replied by saying that it is possible but certain requirements will have to be fulfilled. “One of them is that the party concerned must have national interest,” he said, without elaborating on the statement.