In response to questions raised over the PATRIOT vehicle registration plate series that was announced last month, JPJ has said that there was nothing irregular with it and that special number plate programmes are not new.

According to the department’s director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad, Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN) was accorded the programme and went through the required application process, The Star reports.

He said that the foundation had until December to auction the number plates series – ranging from 1 to 9999 – to bidders, and that YPN would have to pay RM1 million to the government regardless of whether or not it is able to sell all the numbers. He said that YPN had already paid half of the amount, adding that the remainder would be paid six months later.

patriot plate bids

Ismail stated that JPJ will be monitoring how the collected funds will be used. “We need YPN to produce a detailed report of how proceeds from the PATRIOT vehicle registration plate programme will be channelled to patriotic or social outreach programmes,” he said.

The new number plate series – similar to G1M (Gagasan 1Malaysia) and 1M4U (1Malaysia For Youth) – is being offered by Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN) as part of its fund-raising drive to promote moderation.

Proceeds from the sale of PATRIOT 1 to 9999 will be used to carry out programmes and activities that build patriotism and bring together Malaysians of various race and religion, the KL-based NGO claims on its website. The foundation was set up in April 2013.