Cars are an obvious display of wealth, but a fancy number plate to go along with it seems necessary too. Now, a new special vehicle registration plate has hit town after G1M (Gagasan 1Malaysia) and 1M4U (1Malaysia For Youth), giving VIPs the opportunity to own something unique, and pay top ringgit for it.

The new number plate series is PATRIOT, and five wealthy parties are vying to lay claim on ‘PATRIOT 1’, which is set to be the most expensive number plate in the country, The Star reports. This is because the auction price starts at RM1 million, and the five have each put down 20% of that as deposit to back their bids. The auction started on June 1 and the result will be known by June 30.


The number plate series is being offered by Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN) as part of its fund-raising drive to promote moderation. Proceeds from the sale of PATRIOT 1 to 9999 will be used to carry out programmes and activities that build patriotism and bring together Malaysians of various race and religion, the KL-based NGO claims on its website. YPN was set up in April 2013.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has granted the NGO permission to auction the numbers. An authorisation letter would be issued to the PATRIOT plate buyers who must bring it to the JPJ HQ in Wangsa Maju for registration. Those unsuccessful in their bidding will have their deposits refunded.

YPN’s special project director Mass Ayu Mass Akbar said the minimum bidding price for the premier category (PATRIOT 1 to 10) ranged from RM380,000 to RM1 million and the response so far has been overwhelming with a number of eminent persons vying for these single-digit plates.