Mazda UK released a short brand film last week of the new Mazda CX-3 in its natural habitat, Tokyo. It’s beautifully shot, and brings a video game feel to proceedings as well. It’s a showcase of the vehicle’s features, such as blind spot monitoring, heads-up display, emergency brake assist, all-wheel drive and its adaptive front lighting system.

We can’t wait for the launch of the all-new CX-3, as it is slated to arrive on our shores in the fourth quarter of 2015. It should give the Honda HR-V, Ford EcoSport and Peugeot 2008 a real run for its money.

As we’ve reported before, only the CBU 2.0 litre variant will be brought in, and it should be priced under RM 130,000. We were told only one “very-highly-specced” front-wheel drive variant would be offered, with six airbags and a head-up display.