Music rhythm games can be a challenge for even the fastest of fingers, but what if you swap out fingers for a Lexus NX instead? Wait, what? In another one of Lexus’ “Amazing in Motion” stunts in collaboration with music artiste, the Lexus NX dashes through a specially-made “note highway” that is brought to life through the use of sound-sensing lights and lasers.

Three Lexus NX compact SUVs are steered by stunt drivers, very accurately, through the note highway at fast speeds with the aim of hitting each and every winding note in sequence, failing which, the lighting system will be cut, denoting that the player/driver has failed. The soundtrack for this one-time level is none other’s own tune, #thatPower, albeit a remix version.

It is worth mentioning that the stunt, which was shot in Spain, enlisted the help of one Niki Faulkner, a precision driver who has done some awesome stuff for the F1 movie Rush, and is also an occasional driver for British motoring series Top Gear.

Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe said “we’re projecting that the NX will represent one third of all Lexus sales across Europe this year, so it feels right that we’ve created something as bold as this event with, something that truly embodies our brand philosophy of Amazing in Motion.” Other Amazing in Motion projects include the advertisement “Strobe” and the soon-to-debut Lexus Hoverboard.

The Lexus NX is already one of the top sellers in the Japanese premium brand’s line-up – so much so that it helped boost Toyota’s sales in the US for the first half of 2015. In Malaysia, the compact SUV comes in five different variants: base Lexus NX 200t, NX 200t Premium, Luxury and F Sport, and the hybrid NX 300h. Prices range from RM287k to RM372k.