jpj roadblock-2

Lots of info being spread on Facebook and WhatsApp these days, but if you haven’t already realised, not all are true – take the petrol price increase rumour from last week, for instance. There has been a ‘new compound’ and ‘new demerit rate’ for traffic offenders from August 1 rumour, and the authorities have now confirmed that it’s false.

Road Transport Department (JPJ) deputy director-general Datuk Ariffin Che Mat said the false message was similar to one on a purported ‘car auction’ by Perak JPJ recently.

“It is false. Many forwarded messages relating to the JPJ were spread during the Aidilfitri period. Those who spread them did not know whether the source is reliable or not. Some people have nothing else to do other than spread sensational information,” he told Bernama after closing the ‘Satu Komuniti, Satu JPJ’ programme in Bidor yesterday.

Ariffin said the new compound and demerit rate for traffic offenders are at the planning stage, and its implementation is dependent on the government. Also, in relation to another rumour, there are no issues with children below 14 years old sitting in the front passenger seat.

“The public relations unit has responded denying the message. The law does not say that is an offence for under 14 year-old passengers to sit next to the drivers. It is only an offence if the under 14 year-old passenger does not wear the seat belt,” he clarified.