The ice and snow theme continues for the Land Rover Discovery Sport – the chosen backdrop for the L550’s international media drive early this year was Iceland, and now, in its latest video role, the Disco Sport is back in the thick of the wintry action in a commercial called The Crossing.

The premise put across by the video’s descriptor is as such – in a chilled, arctic landscape, a musher and her sled dogs set out on a journey, while a Land Rover driver sets out on his. The dog team, able as they are, can’t get across a melted glacial river. Chap in the SUV comes across lady and her four-legged friends, and proceeds to give her and the woofs a ride across, the Disco Sport fording the crossing ever so easily.

lr disco dogs 1

Contrived as it looks, it’s all to showcase the L550’s water wading capabilities (600 mm wading depth, 100 mm more than the vehicle it replaces, the Freelander 2) and the ruggedness of the vehicle, even if most owners of this particular Landie aren’t likely to go to such extremes (or for that matter, give lifts to a lady and her five-dog team in some barren, remote place). But importantly, it can be done.

Closer to home, the Discovery Sport was previewed in Sepang back in May, and was originally slated to go on sale in late July – the launch has obviously been delayed, but it won’t be that long before the seven-seater makes its local market debut in 240 PS 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol and 190 PS 2.2 litre turbodiesel forms.

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