Okay, guys, it’s really getting old now. For the umpteenth time, we’re reminding all our readers and their connections out there to never park in an OKU spot unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. As highlighted in this Facebook post, the occupant of the white Volvo was effectively sealed inside his car after a black Toyota Corolla Altis decided to squeeze his way between said Volvo and another car.

So while the driver of the Volvo may have enough room to leave his car, the occupant isn’t that fortunate. Understand that, at times, the passenger could be the one who’s handicapped with the driver parking inside an OKU lot to assist him/her to their destination.

That is why OKU parking lots are designed in such a way in the first place. The added width is there to allow occupants in wheelchairs room to move about without making contact with nearby vehicles. Unfortunately, the driver of the black Toyota is completely oblivious to that fact.

Take note, everyone. Never park your vehicle inside an OKU parking lot – doesn’t matter if your car is occupying a quarter of said lot. Individuals in wheelchairs need every inch of that space to move about. If you know someone who has a tendency to abuse an OKU spot, please advise them against doing so.