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If the new Mazda MX-5 is your kind of car, we’re pretty sure you don’t need anymore encouragement or stimulation. The little red teaser has starred in so many persuasive videos and ads, you’re probably ready for the climax by now. The fourth-gen roadster’s Malaysian launch is just around the corner now, but all you need to know is now here thanks to the availability of a price list.

We already know that the ND will reach Malaysia with the bigger of two engines available, and without a stick shift. A 2.0 litre SkyActiv naturally-aspirated motor and a six-speed torque converter automatic with steering shift paddles is our lot, so the rare few who want the full Zoom-Zoom experience (Mazda videos never fail to show the joys of stick shifting) will have to enquire with the grey importers. We suspect it won’t be easy though, because demand is high.

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The official price list we obtained shows an on-the-road without insurance price of RM219,999, slightly higher than the earlier suggested range of RM190k to RM210k, probably because of unfavourable forex. That’s a big sum for a small car, but it’s at least very well specified, probably the highest spec out of the factory without optional packs.

Included with your new MX-5 are 17-inch wheels, i-stop (auto start stop), i-ELOOP (brake energy regeneration), lane departure warning, auto adaptive headlamps with high beam control and ABS/EBD/BA/DSC are standard. Also in are keyless entry and push start, MZD Connect with seven-inch screen, auto air con, cruise control, auto dimming rear view mirror and powered folding wing mirrors.


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The audio system has CD, Bluetooth, USB, AUX and SD card functions, and is connected to a nine-speaker Bose system. The latter includes cool seat headrest-mounted speakers, pioneered on the original Miata. They create a wide sound stage despite being just behind the occupants’ heads and music doesn’t fade in the breeze, Bose says.

So there you go, a well-equipped Malaysian-spec Mazda MX-5 for RM220k. The masses with the money will go for a premium branded compact exec and many enthusiasts will go down the well-trodden turbocharged hot hatch route; but you, the driver who prefers feel over speed, the one who wants wind (and dust) in the hair, what do you think?