Petronas Primax 97 Euro 4M 003

The new Euro 4M Petronas Primax 97 with improved Advanced Energy Formula has officially been launched in Malaysia, and is now available nationwide. More than 500 Petronas stations will carry the upgraded premium fuel, Sabah and Sarawak included.

Best yet, the new formulation effectively replaces the previous Euro 2M-grade Primax 97, and carries the same price tag of RM2.45 per litre, inclusive of GST.

Petronas is the first company to offer Euro 4M RON 97 petrol in Malaysia, ahead of the government gazetted implementation date of September 1. The new blend has already been available in Peninsular Malaysia stations from a few weeks earlier, ahead of today’s launch. Sabah and Sarawak stations will offer the new fuel from now onwards.

The latest Euro 4M Primax 97 fuel has been engineered to offer superior acceleration and enhanced driving experience, according to Petronas.

It’s claimed to improve a vehicle’s drivability, with the use of new chemistry – a world’s first, apparently. The new ingredient is said to ensure better friction reduction at the cylinder wall, while enhancing the engine oil’s function, resulting in smoother acceleration.

The low-sulphur RON 97 fuel is also said to give better engine protection (prevents deposits, protects high-pressure fuel injectors) and improved combustion. The latter claims to offer longer, smoother drives, with the use of high quality base fuel and optimised formulation developed through its active partnership with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

“Petronas Primax has fuelled our team to victory. As Petronas Primax’s Technical Performance Consultant, I am extremely honoured to be able to share this winning formula with Malaysian drivers today,” said Lewis Hamilton, the reigning F1 world champion.

Other than performance benefits, the Euro 4M fuel also comes with lower benzene, sulphur content and Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) levels, making it a cleaner/greener fuel as it produces less emissions and pollutants as compared to the previous Euro 2M fuel. Refer to our previous story for more details on the significance of Euro 4M fuel.

As announced by MITI in 2014, Euro 4M RON 95 fuel will be introduced in Malaysia in October 2018, Euro 5 diesel in September 2020 and Euro 5 RON 95 and RON 97 in September 2025.