Singapore really has come a long way in the last 50 years. Our illustrious neighbour celebrated its 50th year of independence on August 9, and it was a truly momentous occasion for this small island nation.

According to Luxury Insider, Ital Auto, an exclusive dealer for Ferrari in Singapore, will be commemorating the occasion with a true one-off – a uniquely-designed Ferrari F12berlinetta, codenamed the SG50 F12berlinetta that will feature the red and white hues of the Singapore national flag.

As all of you know, the F12 will perhaps be the last Ferrari to ever feature that glorious naturally-aspirated 6.2 litre V12, and it is a fitting tribute to use this iconic car to represent a notable occasion that will last long in the memory of all Singaporeans.

It seems that the SG50 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will be painted in a tailor made metallic red hue, Rosso Singapore, and it will have racing stripes in the Singapore colours. Amazingly, the racing seats will feature embroidered “Lion head” designs on the headrests and Rosso Singapore panels too.

A plaque with the wordings “Singapore 50th Anniversary Edition 1/1” is also placed on the lower rim of the steering wheel and the inner doorsills too. As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding modifications to the powerplant and drivetrain, which is not entirely a bad thing, as this car is already ridiculously quick in its standard trim. Currently, a basic F12berlinetta retails for SGD$1,500,000 (RM4,375,700) and one can only wonder what this edition will eventually be priced at.

Now, who do you think will snap up this ride?