The Honda HR-V has always been marketed as the sweet spot in the B-segment crossover category, and these latest commercials aim to do just that. Honda has of course had a long track records of great ads, such as ‘Hands’, “OtheR Side”, “Feeling”, and of course, most recently, the epic “Ignition”.

But for the HR-V, the company has really gone out of the box to ensure the masses really get the true value of this crossover. Quirky advertisements like the one in the tinkerer’s garage, to “Give and Take” and of course the iconic Australian “Lucid Dreaming” advertisement all drive the message home that the HR-V is in a class of its own.

Now, we have a new series of advertisements that are a lot more product-centric. The first video “Honda Stepping” is all about the synchronicity of movement and how the HR-V is claimed to be just precisely, pleasingly, perfect. Beautiful choreography makes this a great watch.

Next up, we have the “Magic Seats”, which show just how easy it is to fold the rear seats to make way for extra cargo at the rear. It’s perfect for a spot of gardening and a bit of cycling from the looks of things. Oh, and throw a bit of surfing into it too.

The “Panoramic Sun Roof” video, shows just how convenient it is to operate the feature (which we don’t get, by the way), while the “Parking Camera” video demonstrates the ease of placing the machine with aid of the reverse camera as well. Do take the time to watch the videos, as well as some of our favourite Honda commercials listed above. Happy viewing from all of us at

Honda HR-V