The 2015 Honda HR-V is, arguably, the car of the moment for Honda – on the local front and abroad, as well. Ever since its local launch in February 2015, the B-segment crossover has raked up a total of 15,000 bookings, resulting in a waiting list that stretches to a maximum of six months.

Apart from banking on the kudos of the ‘H’ badge, the HR-V is, perhaps, the largest congregation of must-have criteria when it comes to what a modern car buyer looks for in an everyday runabout. From its restrained, coupe-like appearances to its high-riding stature and acres of space inside, one would say that the HR-V’s success is well-deserved thanks to its (whisper it) perfect combination of said elements.

Honda is well aware of this and to further highlight its latest baby, the Japanese carmaker has released two rather interesting videos. The first, aptly titled ‘Give and Take’ shows a number of individuals who are unhappy with their physical looks. Thanks to the wonders of special effects, said individuals are seen modifying different parts of their faces with consequences in tow.

By decreasing the height of his nose, a man finds he now has large elephant-like ears. Another man replaces his slightly longer neck for a double chin while a woman trades her wild curls for a pair of over-the-top lips. As the video progresses, the individuals involved finally find a sweet spot for their looks but not without one flaw constantly appearing. Honda then cleverly introduces its HR-V, calling it a “crossover that gets it all right.”

The subsequent video, on the other hand, is sure to tug on the heartstrings of Honda enthusiasts everywhere. Said video shows a number of significant Honda models, from the CR-X hatch to the Prelude and the CR-X del Sol and the S2000, all driving into one another – symbolically representing all of the marque’s achievements as time goes on.

Finally, the HR-V rolls out of a Honda Element to join the latest addition to the marque’s line of “great ideas.” We get it, Honda. You’re on a roll now, no need to show off that much. Wanna’ know more about the HR-V, check out our info hub here or read our review to find out how it drives.

GALLERY: 2015 Honda HR-V driven in Langkawi, Malaysia