2016 Honda HR-V

Everyone’s into small SUVs/crossovers now. In developing nations, they’re seen as well-suited to the increasingly congested urban environment, while in more developed markets, they’re fast becoming wheeled statements of style and individuality. A bodystyle loved the world over? At present, it seems very much so.

For Acura to even think about introducing a small SUV in big car-lovin’ America is surely testament to the universality of the segment. According to a report by WardsAuto, Acura sold almost twice as many crossovers in 2014 than it did cars, and is considering an Acura-badged version of the Honda HR-V to sit below the RDX, currently its smallest high-rider.

2016 Honda HR-V

American Honda executive VP John Mendel told the publication that such a vehicle is “potentially the only place you could go,” in reference to looking for “white space” in the brand’s line-up to further satisfy the market’s growing thirst for crossovers.

Closer to home, the Honda HR-V has sparked overwhelming interest… and it isn’t even launched yet, at the time of writing. However, we’re painfully, painfully close to the big moment – see spyshots of all three variants and the top-spec Grade V inside and out, and read our thorough review from across the northern border while you wait for our usual avalanche of photos and info.