You saw this one coming, didn’t you? One of the most highly-anticipated cars of the year, and the vehicle that’s expected to get the B-segment crossover ball rolling for real in Malaysia, needs no introduction. We’ve kept you in the loop for long enough. Now, see everything move and come to life before your very eyes!

That’s right, the Honda HR-V visited us in the studio last week (quite literally), so we leapt at the chance to provide you with an inside-and-out tour of the ‘Hip and smart Runabout Vehicle’ in this walk-around video.

This range-topping Grade V is laden with cool stuff, including striking double-projector LED headlamps, DRLs and a seven-inch touch-screen. We show you how many weekend bags we can fit under its tailgate and clever foldable tonneau cover.

We also discuss the unique bits – the triple air-con vents on the front passenger side and storage cave with USB, HDMI and 12V socket beneath the high centre console ‘bridge’ – are these more style than sense?

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