Recent Honda vehicles aren’t all that big on fun anymore, but evidently the company still has some of that lovable spirit that we all adore. This new video, simply called Honda ‘Hands’, celebrates the company’s 65 years of innovation and it’s brilliantly simple and enjoyable. Have a watch above.

The short two-minute video features Honda’s incredibly vast portfolio of past, current and future achievements. From the original Super Cub moped that introduced the masses to motorised mobility to the original NSX, the world’s first everyday supercar, ‘Hands’ clearly showcases just how diverse and innovative the company has been in its 65-year history.

A slew of future creations are also on show here, namely the next-gen NSX, the much-delayed HondaJet and of course, the adorable ASIMO robot. Honda also managed to inject some humour into it – with the hands squeezing the FCX Clarity’s only emission, water, into a cup and drinking it.