honda asimo 10

How time flies. Honda’s creation known as Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility, or ASIMO as we all know it, turned 10 yesterday, and to celebrate the humanoid robot’s first decade of existence, the company has launched a dedicated website which contains films and photographs detailing ASIMO’s evolution since its creation. A ‘Run with Asimo’ smartphone and iphone app has also been produced to allow users to interact with a virtual version of the robot on their phone, and will be downloadable from mid-November.

Created as part of a Honda research and development programme into robotics and human mobility, the robot has certainly come a long way – it has learnt to run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces, climb stairs (and on the odd occasion, fall and not be able to get up, but hey, nobody’s perfect) and reach for and grasp objects, as well as comprehend and respond to simple voice commands, recognise faces and even avoid moving obstacles as it runs.

Honda is now focusing its research on the development of ASIMO’s intelligence, as well as exploring the scope for interaction between humans and humanoid robots. Wonder what the little tyke will be able to do at 20.