Never say never. There could be a Porsche 911 Hybrid in the future, forced by tightening regulations, and it could come as soon as the next, eight-generation that’s due in 2018. Porsche is currently working on how to package a hybrid powertrain within the iconic sports car‘s body, Autocar reports.

“There are discussions. It’s clear that we have to do something. We have to meet the CO2 regulations in 2020. The Volkswagen Group needs an answer to Tesla. The technology available is not far away from meeting our goals for such a car in terms of range and charging speed,” said 911 product line director Erhard Mössle.

Porsche and hybrid are not strangers as Zuffenhausen is already employing hybrid tech in the Cayenne and Panamera. The two big boys use the same supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine paired to an electric motor. The 918 Spyder is also a hybrid with a 4.6 litre V8 and double electric motor combo.

The report adds that Porsche is also considering a full-electric version of the 911 (think Audi R8 e-tron), although this is not yet seen as a guaranteed production car. Mössle said Porsche would need to “look at what is the right time and whether there is the need for it. It’s expensive and you never know if you will get your money back.”

In the quest for efficiency, the latest 991 facelift that’s making its show debut in Frankfurt comes with turbocharged 3.0 litre flat-six engines for the Carrera (370 PS, 450 Nm) and Carrera S (420 PS, 500 Nm) – a typical downsizing move that reduces engine capacity but compensates with a turbo, or two in this case. Step by step.

Porsche 911, latest 991 facelift