#protonperdana2016 fully revealed… #paultan #iriz #kapsulthemovie

A photo posted by D'Zunnur Chauntique (@akhmuadz) on

Here it is, boys and girls – our first proper look at the 2016 Proton Perdana‘s new face, courtesy of Instagrammer akhmuadz (D’Zunnur Chauntique on Facebook). Thanks for the hashtag mention, mate!

The photo shows the new Perdana in full, as it appeared in the local movie Filem Kapsul that opened today. This adds on to the car’s rear that we’ve already seen, also through the new film.

As you can see, the upcoming D-segment sedan gets its own unique face that differs from the current government-use Perdanas, which are essentially rebadged eight-gen Honda Accords. The two-element grille is particularly interesting, as it flows into the headlights separately.

It’s certainly a modern looking front end, that’s for sure, more so with the distinctive chrome line within the front bumper. Whether or not this front end gels well with the fastback-like roofline, however, is up to your own taste and preference, we suppose.

So, what do you think of this new look? Tell us in the comments section.

Also, watch the Filem Kapsul promo clip that featured the car below.