Since its opening in 1986, the Johor Circuit in Pasir Gudang has seen its fair share of action. Back in those days, of course, it was one of the major circuits in Malaysia alongside the now dearly departed Batu Tiga track, and held the Malaysian rounds of both the Superbike World Championship in 1992 and 1993 as well as the motorcycle Grand Prix (now the MotoGP World Championship) in 1998.

After the Sepang International Circuit became Malaysia’s leading motorsports ground, however, Johor Circuit became much quieter, and was mainly used for track days and smaller races. With less attention paid to it, it’s safe to say the circuit has seen better days, and could use a revamp.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what it will get – Tunku Temenggong Johor, Tunku Idris, announced on his Instagram that the circuit was to get a fresh lick of paint, with plans including the incorporation of a driving academy as well as a museum built to “showcase the history of motor sports in Johor.” Any guesses as to whether the royal family’s rich and immense car collection would have anything to do with it?

News update on #JohorCircuit to be announced tonight.

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Those who are undoubtedly worried that such an upgrade would price the track out of the use of most enthusiasts will be able to rest easy as well, as greater focus would be placed on grassroots motorsports rather than chasing larger events like Formula One. “This track is for the rakyat, for bangsa Johor and all car enthusiasts,” Tunku Idris said.

No concrete plans or details have been revealed just yet, but the prince – who recently announced his intention to revive the Johor Bahru City Grand Prix – also revealed a new logo for the circuit, with the state flag featuring heavily in the design. So, what do you think – will such a move be of much benefit to the local motorsports scene?