This is somewhat of a surprise, as our spy photographers have caught a first glimpse of what might be the Honda Concept D. First unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015, the futuristic-looking SUV had a front fascia that stood out quite prominently alongside a sloping rear window and C-pillars. In this video, most of that seems to have been hidden, save for a few elements.

Although it’s still in wraps, the SUV’s shape seems appears to be more conservative than the concept’s. From the front, the headlights as well as the bumper seems to have been retained somewhat, while the biggest change would have to be the grille – the one-piece bronze grille seems to have been swapped out for a standard grille instead.

The sloping roof line in the back which comes together with a sloping rear window also seems to have been omitted, in its place now is a 90 degree-angled rear and a thicker C-pillar. In fact, the rear bumpers also seem to have shifted towards the tried-and-tested approach, while the rear exhausts are more oval than triangle.

Big three-row SUV from Honda coming soon?

Honda Concept-D SUV Concept