Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 (1)

With ambitions to further grow its competitiveness in the Thai domestic market, Mercedes-Benz has begun local assembly operations on the CLA-Class four-door coupe and the GLA-Class compact SUV, the Bangkok Post reports

Production for the two models will take place at the Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant in Samut Prakan province, alongside other Mercedes-Benz models produced there, such as the C-, E-, S- and ML-Class. The production plant is also no stranger to producing Mercedes-Benz’s hybrid models, namely the C 300h, the E 300 h, and the S 400 h.

What may excite locals the most, we imagine, is the newly slashed retail prices of the two Next Generation Compact Car (NGCC) models, which will now be around 250,000 baht (RM30,282) to 350,000 baht (RM42,395) cheaper.

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The new prices for the CKD CLA-Class (excluding the CLA AMG 45) range between 2,140,000 baht (RM260,105) to 2,690,000 baht (RM326,945). Likewise, GLA-Class models go for 2,090,000 (RM254,027) baht to 2,440,000 baht (RM296,568).

Comparatively, in Malaysia, the sole standard CLA-Class variant, the CLA 200, retails at RM233,888, while the two GLA-Class variants (GLA 200, GLA 250) are priced at RM236,888 and RM266,888 respectively.

Mercedes-Benz Thailand’s NGCC cars enjoy a fair bit of success in the country, much like the case is in Malaysia. In Thailand, NGCCs are reported to contribute up to 25% of the brand’s total annual sales figures, while hybrid models play a major role too, with up to a 40% contribution in total sales volume.