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Mazda is a brand on form, and the momentum is set to continue with a new sports car concept that will be revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show late next month.

Yet to be named, the sleek-looking two-door coupe is teased via the official image above. We can see a long bonnet with a pushed back cab and short rear deck, all combining for a classic coupe profile. Also visible are the recessed circular rear lamps – two on each side – and twin pipes. Is that an extendable rear spoiler?

Mazda says that despite its latest creation’s modern look, it clearly embodies the carmaker’s lineage. Designers strove to condense the the firm’s sports car history to as great a degree as possible into this concept, apparently. New RX? RX-9? We recently found out that the rotary engine is not yet dead in Hiroshima – combine both pieces of news and the prospect is tasty.