2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak - Ocean

The facelifted Ford Ranger T6 will be making its official debut in Malaysia very soon, and we’ve already seen photos of the refreshed pick-up in Ford showrooms. No hint of pricing yet on the regular Ranger, but an indicative price list on the Ranger Wildtrak facelift has emerged.

The list is obviously not final, as all the other fields save the on-the-road retail price with insurance are empty, but the tentative figure being bandied for the range-topping 3.2L Wildtrak variant is reportedly RM136,200. If it does turn out to be the case, then it’s an increase of around RM17k from the pre-facelift Wildtrak.

Nothing is of course set in stone yet, so we’ll have to wait until the truck is revealed to know just how much it will actually cost. Back in August, we were told that the pricing for the Ranger was set to go up, roughly by around 3%, but the Ringgit’s performance against the US Dollar has worsened even more since then, so it could well be more than that 3% mentioned.

The facelifted Ranger Wildtrak was revealed in June. The vehicle wears a similar looking front end to the rest of the lineup, but like the outgoing Wildtrak, the grille and bumper extension are painted dark metallic grey, with the faux skid plate finished in silver. Grey also dresses up the wing mirrors, side air vents, door handles, bed rails and tail light internals, and there’s also a Wildtrak graphics package in the mix.

As with the third-gen U375 Everest SUV, the truck is powered by the familiar Puma P5AT 3.2 litre five-cylinder Duratorq, continuing on as before with 197 hp at 3,000 rpm and 470 Nm of torque at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm, but now with a reworked EGR system for better efficiency. The mill is paired with a 6R80 six-speed automatic.

According to the spec sheet, only two exterior colours will be available for the Wildtrak, and these are Cool White and the ‘hero’ orange hue, which has been revised for the facelift – the 2015 shade is called Pride Orange, and replaces the previous Chilli Orange signature shade.

Interior kit includes a SYNC2 eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a dual-TFT LCD instrument cluster as well as a 230-volt power socket for charging laptops and the like. Also on, an eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat and black-and-orange Wildtrak fabric seats with leather inserts, complete with orange stitching.

Plenty of safety kit and driver assist electronic aids, and these include Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Alert (which warns of an impending collision and primes the brakes) as well as Lane Departure Warning and Assist. We’ll have more on the facelifted Ford Ranger T6 when it debuts, so stay tuned.