VW jetta TDI US-spec

Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal has reached our part of the world. Around 650 VW diesel cars with the defeat device-equipped EA189 EU5 TDI engine are in Singapore, and approval for affected VW diesel models have been suspended.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) released a statement on the matter yesterday (October 12), stating that Volkswagen Singapore has declared to the agency that about 650 diesel vehicles registered in Singapore have been fitted with the EA189 EU5 diesel engine and the defeat device.

“NEA takes a serious view of any misrepresentation by Volkswagen Group that their vehicles fitted with the EA189 EU5 engines comply with the vehicle emission standards stipulated in the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations,” the statement read.

“Approval for all affected Volkswagen diesel vehicle models has been suspended. No new registrations will be allowed. The suspension will be in place until Volkswagen has completed rectification of all affected vehicles,” the NEA said.

VW Tiguan Frankfurt 22

It was revealed yesterday that around 3.6 million Volkswagen cars in Europe with the 1.6 litre TDI engine will require hardware changes. The snippet from Reuters confirmed earlier work by the Wall Street Journal, which quoted VW tech spokesman Christian Buhlmann saying that cars with 1.2 and 1.6 litre TDI engines will have to undergo hardware changes, namely a fuel injection pump. A software reflash may be sufficient for the 2.0.

Earlier, Volkswagen Australia confirmed that 83,593 Volkswagen and Skoda-badged vehicles are affected Down Under.

In the action plan announced on September 30, VW says that it will first inform affected customers that the emissions characteristics of their vehicles will be corrected in the near future. Each affected brand will present technical solutions and measures to the responsible authorities this month. Customers will be kept informed over the coming weeks and months, and national websites will deliver updates.