Honda S Concept-01

Honda has announced that it is currently developing a car with autonomous driving capabilities. Other Japanese carmakers that are also part of this pursuit include Toyota and Nissan, both of which aim to introduce their own autonomous cars around the time when Tokyo hosts the Olympics in 2020.

Honda did not provide details about the vehicle’s capabilities, but it is said to operate in a fashion similar to that of Toyota’s Highway Teammate. In early October, Toyota unveiled its prototype of a self-driving car bearing the moniker, which is based on the Lexus GS.

However, the Toyota concept was not completely autonomous as it could only go into full autopilot mode on its own when it enters a highway. Even then, it will only operate properly in areas that are equipped with the proper vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies.

Carmakers are not the only ones looking to prepare their own driverless cars in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Startups like “Robot Taxi” are also in the midst of preparing such vehicles to ferry Olympians and attendees during the sporting event as well. Trials for these self-driving taxi will begin next year in Japan.