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This year marks the fifth year since the Toyota 86 was introduced to the world. Its chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada said that the facelift of the two-door coupe will be “coming soon,” Drive reports. Well, that’s about damn time isn’t it?

As to what changes can be expected in the new-age Hachi Roku, “everything,” the chief engineer said at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. “Engine, body, suspension. Everything.” What has been confirmed however, is a new optional lightweight carbon-fibre roof for when the facelift arrives. The coupe is expected to gain more power without the use of a turbocharger, which means it will stay naturally-aspirated.

He noted that the turbocharging route is too easy in terms of achieving more power. “I think turbo is a really easy solution,” he said. “I already say we try to show something new, something challenging,” Tada mentioned. He continued, “my personal preference, downsizing turbocharging engine is boring technology.”

According to him, the sound of the engine is a key factor. As compared to small capacity turbo mills with high compression ratios, Tada says that these sort of engine do not emit the same exciting notes as compared to the naturally-aspirated 2.0 litre boxer power plant found in the coupe.

While Tada mentioned that “everything” has changed, the spyshots that we showed you earlier doesn’t really reflect that, visually at least. However, as for everything else, if what Tada says is true, major changes that we can look forward to are all underneath that shell. So folks, are you getting excited yet?

Toyota 86 facelift spyshots:

Toyota 86: