Our European spy photographers are at it again. While everyone’s attention has been on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, they have indeed confirmed that something is brewing over at Toyota – specifically the Toyota 86. Our ‘carparazzi’ have managed to snap a few pictures of a prototype of the facelifted version in the midst of testing. While its front and rear bumpers are disguised, the rest of the car looks relatively untouched.

At the front, there seems to be a broader air intake, a reconfigured auxiliary light stack and perhaps even new headlights. At the rear, new design elements within the rear bumper could feature. Interestingly, the LED tail lights have horizontal lines moulded into the cover. There is also talk of a new, more aggressive diffuser design and repositioned exhaust outlets. Elsewhere, a rear spoiler is featured on this mule.


In terms of performance, word on the vine is that the 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine could receive mild updates. Talks of friction reduction engineering as well as a more conducive manifold design that could boost power and torque by around five percent and improve fuel efficiency by up to seven percent have been mentioned. Should that happen, expect an increase of power output from 197 hp to 208 hp.

As for its handling aspects, certain quarters believe that the facelifted car could receive bespoke Sachs dampers as standard with a reinforced rear suspension subframe for improved rear-end rigidity. Reports also suggest that its twin, the Subaru BRZ may receive the same facelift treatment next year with design cues taken from the 2013 Subaru Viziv concept car.

GALLERY: Toyota 86 in classic liveries