An experimental supersport bike from BMW Motorrad has emerged. The BMW eRR is based on the S1000RR, it’s jointly developed with the Technical University of Munich. According to BMW, it symbolises the idea of an electric-powered sports bike by the brand.

Specifications will only be detailed at a later date, however in place of the S1000RR’s 1.0 litre four-cylinder engine with 195 hp and 113 Nm of torque, is an all-electric motor. BMW says that the electric drive is quite notable, because while it emits zero emissions, acceleration is also a lot better.

The brand compares its electric C evolution with the S1000RR. While the S1000RR wins hands-down in terms of acceleration, handling and top speed, the electric scooter beats the sport bike when accelerating off the mark, to speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Save for a different powertrain, the eRR experimental bike utilises the S1000RR’s chassis and design. A different paint scheme is used for this electric bike however – it sports white panels complemented by green accents, green stitching for the seat and plenty of carbon-fibre.

Stephan Schaller, head of BMW Motorrad said, “we asked ourselves, what happens when combining a sport motorcycle and an electric drive? The experimental vehicle eRR brings the topic zero emission and electric drive on a new, more fascinating level.”