Following on the path set by the E-Scooter and Concept e electric two-wheelers from last year, BMW Motorrad has unveiled the C evolution, a near-production prototype e-scooter.

The C evolution features an electric drive via drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled alternator, tooth belt and planetary gear. Power output is 11 kW continuous (35 kW peak), and the 8 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery pack offers an operating range of up to 100 km per charge. Top speed for the bike is 120 km/h.

Charging is accomplished via the integrated charging device, either at a regular household socket or a charging station. When the battery is completely flat, charging time ideally lasts less than three hours.

The car-type charging socket – currently the only one of its kind in an electrically powered two-wheel vehicle – is located behind a cover in the footwell at the front left. The charge cable required is housed in a storage compartment on the right-hand side of the footwell, fitted with a mains plug to fit the respective national system.

As for the electric drive, it’s powered via a drivetrain swing arm, with the liquid-cooled alternator positioned behind the battery casing and integrated in the swing arm. The secondary drive is via a tooth belt from the alternator to the rear belt pulley on the output shaft – power is transferred to the rear wheel via a planetary gear.

Like the E-Scooter concept, there’s energy recuperation, both in coasting mode and when braking, and the range of the white and electric green-coloured two-wheeler can be extended by 10-20% depending on riding style.

There’s ABS and a disc brake system, with twin discs in front, and wheel control as well as suspension and damping is taken care of at the front by an upside-down fork with a 40 mm diameter fixed fork tube and at the rear by a spring strut placed on the left-hand side, directly controlled and adjustable at the spring mount.

At the front, the C evolution rolls on a five-spoke light alloy 3.5 x 15 die-cast wheel, while the rear wears a 4.5 x 15-inch wheel. Wrapping the wheels are special lightweight Metzeler Feelgreen tyres with optimised rolling resistance.

Other features include a centrally located daytime running light, and the serial production model will feature a helmet compartment at the rear