Interestingly, Volvo has just registered two potential model names with the US Patent and Trademark Office. As uncovered by CarAdvice, the two new names that were reserved include a Volvo C40 and a Volvo C60.

With no official confirmation as to what these designations could be for, it is possible to deduce that the Swedish car maker may be stirring up a set of coupe or convertible models in an attempt to expand its current line-up.

Given that the letter “S” is typically reserved for the brand’s sedan models, the letter “V” for its hatchbacks and estates, and the “XC” denoting the brand’s SUVs, Volvo’s “C” has always in the past been assigned to its coupes and convertibles, such as the C30 coupe hatch and the C70 convertible.

Could this be a tip towards the coming of V40- and S60-based coupes? It’s still early days, and the fact that Volvo has registered these two trademarks reveal very little concrete insight into its future plans, as exciting as it may sound.

Car makers often register vehicle names as a preemptive measure to prevent other car makers from potentially pinching their future model designations — it’s only smart that Volvo gets these names trademarked now, even if it hasn’t got any plans at the moment to build such vehicles.

Even still, it does appear that the brand’s new modular CMA platform, which has been designed specifically to underpin its compact models, is relatively under-utilised. The only vehicle to actually ride on the new architecture is the XC40 compact SUV test mule we’ve spotted recently. Later on, it’s expected that the next-gen V40 would follow suit.

Logically, a C40 compact coupe to rival the BMW 1 Series three-door or the 2 Series Coupe would be effectively be putting the new CMA platform to greater use. We’ll leave it to your imagination to ponder what other body styles could be produced as well.

Should a larger C60 coupe be on the cards, we expect that just like the next-gen S60 sedan and V60 estate, it would ride on the brand’s SPA platform which is reserved for its larger vehicles instead. Thinking back to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the two-door Volvo Concept Coupe (pictured throughout here) checks all the right boxes when imagining what a future C60 could look like. Likewise, Volvo has also previewed a two-door estate version, similarly known as the Concept Estate.

But regardless of these anticipations and barring the possibility that Volvo may never make these cars happen, we would have to wait a very long time before seeing any of these come to market, with Volvo openly quite busy these days with revamping its entire line-up of existing models first.

With the new XC90 only just stepping out the doors, it is already set to become the longest-serving model in Volvo’s existing line-up by year 2020. More immediately, the Swedish car maker is set on revealing its S90 and V90 flagship sedan and estate models.

Then on, things should get firmer for its new XC40 compact SUV, before we hear updates surrounding its next-gen XC60, XC70, and V70.