Peugeot 308 e-HDi Malaysia 9

Nothing eye catching about this grey Peugeot 308 sitting lonely at the 2015 ASEAN Auto Show, but its decals stood out. With 370 Nm of torque, a range of 1,300 km, low CO2 emissions of 107 g/km and fuel consumption of 4.1 litres per 100 km (24.4 km/l), it can only be a diesel.

The T9 Peugeot 308 was launched here in April this year with a sole THP 150 variant, so could the petrol be joined by a turbodiesel soon? Unfortunately, Nasim has no plans to bring the 2.0 HDi, as seen here, into Malaysia.

It’s yet another mule for testing purposes, but there shouldn’t be major technical hurdles should Nasim decide that there’s sufficient demand for such a variant – the 508 is already available here with a diesel engine (2.2 HDi with 206 PS and 450 Nm), and so is the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, the latter with the same 150 hp/370 Nm 2.0 BlueHDi oil burner as the 308.

We’ve actually driven the 308 in this configuration before. This writer noted then that the BlueHDi had “enough low-end thrust enough to wake up the drowsy, if not the dead” and the oversized motor (1.6 diesels are the norm in this class) possesses flexibility that makes the 308 a relaxing car to drive fast, rattly nature and slight lag from take off aside. The Aisin-sourced six-speed torque converter automatic gearbox is also a smooth operator. More from the review here.

Spec wise, this 308 is a fully-loaded one with Enhanced Park Assist (detects and steers into space, P button right of the steering wheel), seat heaters and full leather seats (our THP 150 gets a leather-Alcantara combo) that aren’t in our car. So, do you think there’s a viable market here for rapid but economical 308 2.0 HDi?

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