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Total vehicle sales for the month of October 2015 saw a 9% increase or 4,648 units when compared to in September 2015, according to the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA). In total, over 55,754 vehicles were shifted, compared to just 51,106 in the month before.

From that total, 49,063 units were passenger vehicles, while the remaining 6,691 were commercial vehicles. Compared to the same month last year (October 2014), there has been an increase in sales volume by 3% or 1,563 units.

This brings the total year-to-date sales volume of 2015 (January to October) up to 541,142, representing a decrease by 1% or 5,371 unit when compared to the corresponding period in 2014 with 546,513 units.

On the other hand, production for the month of October 2015 saw a jump of 10,049 units to 55,783 units. The figure is significantly more than the 45,734 units produced in September 2014, and represents a 21.97% surge. Of the 55,783 units, 50,974 passenger vehicles were produced along with 4,809 commercial vehicles.


As for the October 2015 year-to-date production, a total of 476,965 units have been made, with 480,799 being passenger vehicles and 60,363 commercial vehicles. The same period last year saw just 455,800 units produced, thus signifying an increase of 4.6% or 21,165 units.

The MAA attributes this boom in production and sales to consumers who are purchasing vehicles ahead of an anticipated rise in car prices in 2016. It also pointed out year-end promotions by carmakers as another factor for the encouraging market.

For the current month of November 2015, the MAA expects this positive trend to carry on further due to the continuation of aggressive year-end promotional campaigns, and consumers looking to purchase their vehicles before an expected hike in car prices next year.

Recently, a few brands have announced price increases that will take effect in 2016, including Toyota, Lexus and Mitsubishi. Other carmakers like Nissan and BMW are also considering hiking prices. Brands like Mazda and Mercedes-Benz have stated that its prices will remain, with the latter even announcing a decrease for its C-Class range.