Lotus Exclusive (33)

Fancy a new Lotus, or already own one? Well, now you can customise it just like you can a Ferrari (through Ferrari Tailor-Made) or Lamborghini (via Lamborghini Ad Personam), with the new Lotus Exclusive personalisation service developed by the Lotus Design team.

The new scheme will enable both existing and new customers to build their cars to their own exacting specifications, from colour and interior trim all the way to full-on race car preparation. Those interested will be able to see what is possible through examples at their local dealership, and their requirements will be reviewed at the dealer and then developed in conjunction with the Lotus Exclusive team at Hethel.

“In the past we have created a number of cars personalised to the specific requests of individual customers. These stunning cars were produced by a team of skilled craftsmen and women, using their expertise to create something exceptional and unique for the customer. Now all our customers will be offered this service, to create their own personalised car through Lotus Exclusive,” said group CEO Jean-Marc Gales.

The list of items that can be personalised is considerable, starting with body colours. Lotus Exclusive will offer a range of heritage and race-themed hues, including the Essex Blue used on Lotus F1 cars in 1980 and 1981 (when it was sponsored by Essex Petroleum) and the 1980 Essex Commemorative Lotus Esprit Turbo, as well as Motorsport Black from the limited edition supercharged Lotus Sport Exige 240R from 2005.

Aside from this, the service will also provide colour matching, enabling a wide range of matte, gloss, metallic or pearlescent body colours. Also available are body decals in gloss white, yellow, red and black, either as twin, single or asymmetric body stripes, or to highlight key body parts such as the door mirrors, side sills, wings or spoilers. Large national flag decals can also be specified for the door mirrors and roof.

Inside, there are five different leather colour choices and four stitch colours available on all models, all done at the Hethel factory. The Lotus Exclusive service is now available in Europe for all models (yes, even the new stripped-out Lotus 3 Eleven) through the company’s dealer network, and it will expand into other regions later in the year. Good news for Malaysian buyers too – head of Lotus Cars Malaysia Tengku Djan Ley told paultan.org that Lotus Exclusive will indeed be coming to our shores as well.