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BMW managed to shrug off stiff competition in 2015 to retain its title as the world’s largest premium brand in terms of vehicle sales. Coming in a close second is Mercedes-Benz, who managed to overtake Audi this year after being placed third behind the Ingolstadt-based carmaker since 2010.

In 2015, BMW’s core brand (sans MINI and Rolls-Royce) saw an increase of 5.2% on the previous year, delivering 1,905,234 vehicles to customers. The BMW 2 Series (including the rear-wheel drive coupé and convertible and the front-wheel drive Active Tourer and Gran Tourer) proved to be a popular choice among customers, with a total of 157,144 sold in the year. Of those, over 107,000 were made up of AT and GT models.

Also posting strong numbers is the BMW 4 Series (152,390), while 55,050 units of the X4 rolled off dealer lots in 2015 – more than double (+153.8%) the previous year’s figures. Collectively, BMW’s X family of SUVs contributed greatly to Munich’s bottom line, with 168,143 units (+14.1) of the X5 and 46,305 units (up over 50%) of the X6 moved in the past year.

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On the other side of the spectrum, the BMW i range of hybrid and electric vehicles has seen a 65.9% sales increase to a total of 29,513 units, with 24,057 units of the i3 sold, up 49.9% over 2014. The rest is of course made up of i8 sales, reaching 5,456 units.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz managed to sell 1,871,511 vehicles worldwide in 2015, representing an impressive increase of 13.4%. According to the automaker, the main driving force behind the strong growth are the marque’s SUVs and compact cars. It also expects to expand upon its success in 2015 going forward to 2016 with the launch of the all-new E-Class and surging demand in China.

Coming in at third place with 1,803,250 vehicles sold in 2015 is Audi, recording a 3.6% growth from the preceding year. The figure exceeds the automaker’s Strategy 2015, where it expected just 1.5 million cars to be sold in 2015. Nonetheless, Audi expects its sales figures to pick up in 2016 with the new generation of key Audi models making their way into various regions of the world.